Swimming Pool Water Delivery

Swimming Pool Water Delivery

Welcome to the 2017 swimming pool water season.

  • Receive 10% off every load of pool water when you sign up for bottled water service.  See bottled water page for details.

Advantages of having your pool filled with our treated water:

  1. Quality - Our Water is pre treated for swimming pools (see table below)
  2. Time - Garden hose flow = 500 gallons/hours...our pumps= 18,000 gallons/hour
  3. Water Sources - Our primary bulk water treatment plant is located in Braintree, MA with satellite sources in the metro west and south shore area of Massachusetts.
  4. Treated Swimming Pool Water:                  
    • 9000 Gallons per truckload
    • Filtered using diatomaceous earth filtration
    • Does not contain any iron, copper or manganese that can stain pool surfaces
    • Chlorinated to between .5 and 1.5 ppm using stabilized chlorine*

A quality control report showing a representative sample of a water analysis can be seen below. 

*Non chlorinated water available upon request.

Seaport Hotel Boston, MA

Seaport Hotel Boston, MA

Note to commercial pool operators:

If you receive water service from the MWRA and use the water in your pool, be aware that the PH of the water can be as high as 9.0. In addition, the MWRA uses Chloramine (a combination of chlorine and ammonia) for sanitation which can have an effect on combined chlorine levels. For more information go to www.mwra.com

Access to your pool

Our tanker trucks are the size of gasoline tankers and weigh just under 100,000 pounds. As a result, we do not like to go onto private property and prefer to pump from the street in front of your home. When placing your order it is important that you know the distance from the street to your pool to make sure the truck will have enough hose. (Hint: an average car is 15 feet long. Picture how many cars you could park from the street to the edge of your pool.)

Calculating swimming pool or tank volume

  1. Formula for rectangle pools or tanks:                  
    • Length X width X average depth X 7.5 = Volume in gallons
  2. Formula for round pools or tanks:                  
    • Diameter X diamter X average depth X 5.9 = Volume in gallons

Bulk water service area

Southeastern Massachusetts including Cape Cod.


All deliveries are C.O.D. Unless prior arrangements have been made. We accept personal checks, Master Card,Visa, Discover & American Express

Mountain Lake Black Gunite

Mountain Lake Black Gunite

Hotel on Hyannis Harbor, Cape Cod MA

Hotel on Hyannis Harbor, Cape Cod MA

Swimming Pool Water Analysis

Free Chlorine          DPD10/12/201710/12/2017ppm1.05
    PH          DPD10/12/201710/12/2017PH Units7.2
Total Alkalinity          DCT10/12/201710/12/2017ppm30
Calcium Hardness          DCT10/12/201710/12/2017ppm20
Total Dissolved Solids           PP10/12/201710/12/2017ppm95
Total Coliform          9222B10/04/201710/04/2017CFU/100mlAbsent
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa          9213E3/09/20163/09/2016CFU/100ml      <1